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  1. Students:  primary & high schools

  2. Students:  adults / university level students

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Mentor - Guru Darien deVere Francis CCP

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Students acquire expertise in advanced technology starting with firm fundamentals

Guru Mentor steers student career path teaching technology beyond High School / K12 standards and regional curriculum and exams.


  1. Inclusive remote live sessions with hands-on interaction
  2. Students initially assessed. Blended teams setup
  3. Teams collaborate in peer to peer self-teaching sessions
  4. Interactive - dynamic assessment to track learning progress
  5. No student left behind!

During the learning process - students build this website with their own personalized pages

Course offered globally, not limited to geographcal boundaries

Sky is the limit as we ride the steep trajectory of the tech wave


Historical Timeline of Technology

A quick tour of man's evolution in developing technology over the ages

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Overview current trends

Technology development is agile. Here we track trends and position ourselves to ride the wave

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Career Pathing

Technology job roles have changed radically. Here we will show how to use your technology training to meet your career objectives

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Broad Fundamentals

You will learn the most important fundamentals before you leap to the high level functions

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Block Programming as an early intro to programming

A proven method for students to grasp programming concepts via rapid development of arcade type  games

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Modern Web Development

Students will rapidly learn to utilize high level tools to create the best web experience

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Trending Programming Languages

Learn the hot power packed programming languages now trending

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Cloud Concepts & Computing

All about the cloud and how its intricate parts work together on a global scale

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The most significant Tech development in the last 50 years. With greater computer power and greater storage capacity and programs like Python, AI applications are performing amazing tasks assisting humankind. Students will take a dive into this exciting arena

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Machine Learning

Man has created amazing mathematical models for centuries. Since the development of AI, Machine Learning can implement these models to rapidly perform complex analytical computations.Using the massive data now available we can now accurately predict certian outcomes in daily life and business

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Project Management

Get the fundamental training in plannning, development, implementation and execution of tasks mandatory to function and excel in the business world

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Cognitive Business Tools

Using all the technology above learn the most important analytical and reporting tools for business

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Mentoring Process


Create a team with common objectives
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Setup the team and utilize appropriate platforms to work together

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Think 'out-of-the-box' . Visualize ideas not yet implemented
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Research what you imagine then discover paths to make it happen

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Use your resources and imagination to create innovations

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Start with building a 'Proof of concept' and develop a plan to implement

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Share you output with the team and the world


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