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Established in 1996 Kwanzaa Technologies (KTI) re-launched with new exciting products and services.  Our strategy is to associate ourselves with world class technology and business providers and thus offer the best and smartest solutions to our customers

KTI has laser focus on consolidating its relationship with its business partners offering new innovative products, services and solutions.



XP is dead

The PC XP OS is being sent to the graveyard by Microsoft as of April 8th. You can no longer be snug that is OK!
Microsoft will be cutting total support. Call us 732-416-9978

You will be totally venerable to viruses and malware and it is going to get nasty as the world of malware is very sophisticated. Now it will be open season. This is just one of many reasons to upgrade. A whopping 30% of all PC's still run on XP.

Kwanzaa Technologies can help you with an upgrade. Path a -> Windows 7; Path b-> Windows 8. Contact us directly or 732-416-9978. We will use our decades of experience to simply the process ensuring no data loss. However application upgrades my be necessary. DO IT NOW!


ibm logo

IBM has surged in the last 18 months as the business/technology leader and KTI is proud of its association in being able to sell and support its key products including Rational, Information Management (Cogno) and Websphere (including Business Process Modeling) and related apps.

microsoft logo

Microsoft has catapulted into the arena of Business Intelligence / Virtualization and bolstered its hold of the server market  with Server 2012.  Windows 8 is currently reclaiming the OS reputation put in doubt by Window Vista.

KTI is authorized to sell its products and services


cisco logo

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking - transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.  Recently KTI became a Certified Partner of Cisco and is selling and supporting the huge array of networking products available to the SMB market

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As an Intel Channel partner, KTI markets & supports key Intel products

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Small Business End-to-end Support
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Market roles:  ISV, VAR


Advanced technology

  • speech / voice recognition and output
  • Mobile computing
  • Web Development


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